Member Associations

In addition to joining AFAA National, there are many Member Associations you can join as well. If you would like to join more than one Member Association, that option is available to you as well. Please keep in mind, some of our Member Associations require added member dues in addition to our annual dues. Those dues are for local events that the Member Association has throughout the year. You must join AFAA National to be apart of a Member Association. If you have any questions regarding this, please don't hesitate to reach out to our office. We are happy to help!

Arizona Automatic Fire Alarm Association

Board Members

President: David Shin, Jensen Hughes
Vice-President, David Keller, JCI
Treasurer – Jim Pannarale, Sierra Fire & Communications
Secretary – Dylan Long

Board Members
David Otjens, Shawn Kelley, Tom Nejman, Travis Sealock, Charlie Herrin


Florida Automatic Fire Alarm Association
Board Members
Mr. Chris Creamer, President
Mr. Ed Swanson, Vice President
Mr. Guy Kreps, Secretary / Treasurer

Membership Director, Open Position
Mr. Randy Pinkham, SET, Programs Director

Heart of America Automatic Fire Alarm Association
(Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska)
Our newest Member Association!

Illinois Automatic Fire Alarm Association
Board Members
Kathie Rose, President
Andrea Barghini, Vice President
Gene Rowe, Treasurer

Michael Kurent, Secretary

Board Members

Mike Madden, Past ILAFAA President
Mark Boudos, Orr Protection
Harrison Bradstreet, Siemens
Warren Olsen, FSCI
August Conte, Contechnical, Inc.
Brian Goldsby, Central Illinois Director

Illinois AFAA requests $50 dues for all membership levels that are not AHJ and Student. Those dues help pay for local events they do. Check out their website for the most up to date information on their events.
Louisiana Automatic Fire Alarm Association
Board Members
Daniel Brown, President
Peter DeLaune, Vice President/Secretar
Ron Case, Treasurer
Greg Savant, Western Director
Bart Conradi, Eastern Director/Education Chairman
Dewey Wood, Northern Director
Sonya Graham, Director at Large
Don Law, LSFM Liaison

Frank Gardner, Website Editor & Social Media Chair

Louisiana AFAA requests additional dues on top of our annual fee. This helps with local events. Those dues are $100 annually.
MD-DC-VA Automatic Fire Alarm Association
Board Members
Dave Steury, PE, MetroTech Systems - President
Peter Milburn, SET, LS Systems - Vice President
Steve Evers, PE, EES Group, LLC - Secretary
Nick Franko, SET, Siemens - Treasurer
Tommy Newcomb, TAN Fire Alarms - Director, Event Chair
Heath Chesney, Johnson Controls - Director, Membership Chair

Aaron Smith, Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services, Fire Marshal/Senior Permitting Services Specialist - Director of AHJ Communications (and temporary Website Chair)

Minnesota Automatic Fire Alarm Association
Board Members
Jeff Besel, President
Kevin Opitz, Vice President
George Glaros, Director of Social Media
Tom Pitschneider, Treasurer
John Haglin, Training Contact
Dan Morehead, Director of Program
Brian Brom, Secretary

Minnesota AFAA requires added dues in addition to ours. The amount depends on what membership level you fall under.
  • Minnesota (MN) - Active 1-Year Individual & Club 72 Representative- $55.00
  • Minnesota (MN) - Active 3-Year Individual - $150.00
  • Minnesota (MN) - AHJ & Student - $25.00
  • Minnesota (MN) - Government Employee - $50.00

Northern Nevada Automatic Fire Alarm Association

Edward Kitchen, President

Northern Nevada AFAA requires $50 dues in addition to our dues.

New England Automatic Fire Alarm Association
(Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut)

Board Members
Jerry Quinn, President

Tony Difranco, VP - Industry Affairs
Dave Ritter, VP - Membership
Steve Prior, Treasurer
Chris Agri, Director of IT/Secretary
John Houlihan, Director of Training & Education
David Peterson, Director of Marketing
Kyle Jarvenpaa, Director of Partner Sponsorship
Mike Davis, Director of Technology
Lee DeVito, Director
Cameron Bellao, Director
Doug Corbett, Vice President of State - Rhode Island
Tim Biron, Vice President of State - Maine
Matt Buehrer, Vice President of State - Vermont
David m Pontbriand, Vice President of State - New Hampshire
James Mongeau, Immediate Past President

New Jersey Automatic Fire Alarm Association
Board Members
Jim Loftus, President
Rich Ravaioli, Vice President

Walter Wargacki Jr, Treasurer
Glen Bellini, Secretary
Bob Ryan, Assistant Secretary
Dennis DeCarlo, Director
Frank Minutillo, Director Chair Membership Committee
Dennis Boone, Director
Mark Ingram, Director
Ed Armm, Immediate Past President, Committee and Training Director, Member Emeritus

New Jersey AFAA requires additional dues of $180 for Club 72 Representatives and Active 1-Year Individuals to cover local event fees.

Northwest Automatic Fire Alarm Association

Board Members
Lindsay Tycer, President

Jeff Johnson, Vice President
Hank Rolfs, Secretary
Gary Youngberg, Treasurer
Joe Ripp, Immediate Past President
Gert Zoutendijk, Director
Kenton Aikens, Director
Tom Muniz, Director
Steve DeFacci, Director
Chad Lawry, Director

Pennsylvania Automatic Fire Alarm Association
Board Members
Dan Morrin Jr, President
Ed Cauley, Vice President
Dave Pursel, Treasurer
Tim Lawrence, Secretary
Rob Damato, Program Chairman
Mark Tomasello, Training
Will Helm, Membership
Ilyse Shapiro, Association Executive
Ted Leventhal, Immediate Past President
  • Pennsylvania Region (Pennsylvania, Delaware) - Active Individual & Club 72 Rep - $160.00
  • Pennsylvania Region (Pennsylvania, Delaware) - AHJ & Student - $0.00
  • Pennsylvania Region (Pennsylvania, Delaware) - Retiree - $75.00

Rocky Mountain Automatic Fire Alarm Association

Board Members
Jeff Englestad, President
Jim Maxwell, Vice President/Secretary
Michael Naber, Treasurer
David Schultz, Board Member
George McNeill, Board Member

Jerry Johnston, Board Member
Thornton Powell, Immediate Past President

Rocky Mountain AFAA requires $30 dues in addition to our dues.

If you are interested in starting a Member Association, please visit:

Creating a Member Association

Please contact our office with any questions.