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Individual Membership Levels:

Active 1-year: $195 - All active individual memberships including those granted complementary as apart of a training program fee

Active 3-year: $525.00 - 3-year active individual membership. 10% discount over annual price 

AHJ: $25.00 - Includes all code officials responsible for code compliance or with AHJ discretionary powers in federal, state, or local government agencies

Student: $25.00 - Any full-time student enrolled in a high school, technical school, community college, or university in a certificate or degree program with an interest in AFAA

Government Employee: $100.00 - Includes non-AHJ Federal, State, and Local Agencies/Governments and Public and Private higher education (colleges and universities), K-12, and other similar institutions

International: $195.00 - Any active individual member located outside of the United States or its territories

Retiree: $25.00 - Any active individual who transitions into retired status and who wishes to remain connections with AFAA.


 AFAA Membership Benefits
  • Discounts for training seminars and NFPA publications and forms
  • Free recorded webinars
  • AFAA provides technical assistance on interpretations of codes and standards
  • AFAA provides web hosting opportunities for Member Associations
  • AFAA influences codes and standards that benefit the fire alarm industry
  • AFAA has representatives looking out for your interest on many NFPA Technical Committees
  • AFAA participates in the code development process of the International Building and Fire Codes
  • AFAA promotes certification via the NICET certification program

AFAA hosts several training programs, annual meeting and codes conference, and breakfast at the NFPA conference