Thursday December 6, 2018 - 1:00 PM EST – New Smoke Detection flaming and smoldering polyurethane (PU) foam tests as well as new cooking nuisance resistance test
Presented by: Dave Newhouse

This presentation will examine the recently adopted requirements for smoke alarms found in ANSI/UL217 (8th edition), and smoke detectors found in ANSI/UL268 (7th edition). Although there are over 250 significant technical changes to these standards, we will be focusing on PU foam and cooking nuisance resistance requirements. Following a brief history of the reasoning behind the changes, we will study the research projects used to determine the criteria for testing them then look into the challenges manufacturers are facing and finish up with a view of the codes and compliance dates. 


Thursday March 21, 2019 - 1:00 PM EST – Understanding the History, Technology, and Enforcement of In-Building Emergency Responder Radio Enhancement Systems

Presented by: Rodger Reiswig, Alan Perdue, & Lynn Nielson Moderated by: Richard Roberts 

With threats to public safety amplified by recent events, the imporatnce of staying focused on moving the needle forward instituting in-building communication platforms cannot be overstated. 

Over the last decade, many U.S. fire jurisdictions have adopted standards for in-building public-safety radio-enhancement systems. These standards are designed to ensure adequate indoor radio coverage for firefighters and other public-safety first responders during emergency response. As locally generated standards arose, jurisdictions gradually abandoned the traditional firefighter building telephone system. 

As with any public safety movement involving multiple stakeholders with different concerns and priorities, advocating for a technologically sound, well regulated, affordable, interoperable and widespread system of wireless, in-building communication systems is very complicated to say the least. New codes regarding the future in-building wireless communications for public safety are constantly being introduced, debated, and modified. 


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